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Yeah, you heard that right.

You get refunds checks by doing all your usual online shopping, without any extra effort (beyond signing up for an account).

So, how does this extra dose of awesome work exactly?

You sign up for Price Hacker by submitting your email, Gmail, or Outlook, and then you shop, which you definitely already know how to do. Meanwhile, Price Hacker uses a special receipt checking system in order to keep an eye on your purchases and notice if you’re eligible for a refund from the sites you patronize. If you are, they’ll automatically submit a refund request for you.

You don’t have to do anything weird or complicated – like argue with a customer service representative over a refund for that awesome pair of neon pink sneakers – just stick to shopping. If Pricehacker finds out you’re eligible for a refund on a purchase, you get a notification that it’s being applied to your bank account.